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This past June, RV sales hit a record high. It comes with no surprise that families are turning away from air travel and crowded tourist destinations this year. More and more parents are looking to get their kids and pets into the great outdoors. While the prime of camping season may be coming to a close in most parts of the country, the holiday season is quickly approaching. As someone who has lived on and off the road for the past 5 years, I’m here to help you shop for the RV enthusiast in your life.

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Thanksgiving is hands down the greatest American holiday. When the only expectation is to cook and eat delicious food, few are left disappointed. With more families looking to gather in open-air spaces, and some families not gathering at all – it’s a good time to take the RV down south, ditch the crowded kitchen and light the campfire for an all-day, slow-burning thanksgiving feast. Read on for your step-by-step campfire thanksgiving dinner guide…

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Hi there. We are ROAM. We’re a group of road warriors, nature lovers, RV enthusiasts, relentless travelers, avid explorers and wandering workers who built ROAM to make life on the road easier for folks like us. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to the family and show off what we have to offer.

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