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RV Interior Storage Hacks

Tiny home living is all the rage these days. People are becoming more inclined to live with less things and more experiences. One of my favorite parts about living in my RV for months at a time is the ability to survive off a duffle bag of clothes and whatever else fits into my trailer… which isn’t much. When your RV or van serves as your office, bedroom, kitchen and living room, it’s important to maximize your space. RVers are crafty people, and we’ve come up with a ton of creative solutions to making sure you’re rig stays organized. Here’s some of our favorite life hacks when it comes to setting up the interior of your RV.

Command Strips by 3M

The creator of these damage-free hanging devices deserves a trophy for all the problems these little things can solve. The Command double sided tape can hold up to 16 lbs without drilling a hole or even making a mark on your wall. Make sure you install and remove the strips correctly to ensure they don’t pull any paint off (see how-to video here). There is a wide variety of products on the Command site you can check out, but here are some of our favorite Command products for RVers:

Command Hooks

They can stay on the exterior of your RV and dry your beach towels overnight, or be installed inside your RV to hang keys, kitchen towels, coffee mugs, frying pans, backpacks, shower loofahs… the possibilities are endless.

Spray Bottle Hanger

These are great to put on the inside of cabinet drawers, giving you easy access to cleaning supplies and keeping them upright during your drive to avoid spills.

Hanging Smartphone Holder

My travel trailer has very limited nightstand space. And if you’re like me, you lose your phone or your charger at least 5 times a week. Hang one of these next to your bed so you can stop hearing “hey can you call my phone?” every other day. 

Hammock straps

Hammock straps work great as a hanging storage solution because they have loops for hammock adjustments that keeps all your hanging items from bunching together. It’s nice to hang one of these near your bedroom or kitchen using Command hooks, as an easy place to get things out of the way. You can also hang one up between trees at your campsite as a nice way to hang lanterns, cooking tools or keeping bags of dry food off the ground. Having extra hammock straps or strong rope is never a bad idea when you’re camping. I’m always finding I need to carry more durable rope with me, just don’t forget to pack a few carabiners.

Shower Curtain Clips

If you have a shower curtain rod or even a towel rod, these curtain clips are a great way to vertically store lightweight cosmetics and toiletries.

Utensil storage

When you’re traveling in your RV, things get bumpy and your items can shift around. This can cause wear and tear on your rig and gear, so it’s best to secure everything with a lid or some cushioning. Take an old coffee container and divide it up into 4 sections to hold your silverware. This will free up drawer space and allow you to bring your utensils to the picnic table for meal time.

Tension Rods

These inexpensive items can serve a multitude of uses inside your RV. I like to use them to keep the items inside my mini fridge from falling out during travel. You can easily take tension rods out and back in, and they don’t leave marks or require any permanent holes in your rig. You can also use them to create extra hanging space in your closet or cabinets.

Airtight Pet Food Container

If you’re traveling with pets, it’s easy to forget that their food attracts mice, insects and even bears. This food storage container keeps all the smells contained and prevents any stray pieces of kibble from getting lost in your RV. Don’t forget to feed your pet outside of your RV if you can, this will also prevent unwanted critters from getting into your rig.

File Folders

These are great for holding tin foil, plastic wrap, or longer kitchen utensils like wooden spoons and rolling pins. Some come with magnets on them or you can use Command strips to hang them on the inside of your cabinet. 

Magnetic Spice Jars

Even in a regular kitchen, organizing spice jars of different sizes is a challenge. They take up tons of space and there’s always one spice that can never seem to keep its lid on. The magnetic spice jars are a game changer for any kitchen. Stick them on your fridge or a dry erase board and you’ll be able to get them out of the way while still having easy access to all your spices.

Hanging Clothes Hamper

There’s nothing that clutters up my space more than the trail of dirty clothes that follows me around my RV. A hanging hamper is great because it doesn’t take up any floor space and it easily transported to a laundromat when it gets full. 

What are some of your favorite RV storage and organization hacks? Share your ideas here or tag us in your genius solutions at @roamcampgrounds – we love to see the creativity in this community!

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