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RV Storage Prep Checklist

You’ve spent the past 6 months drinking coffee around the campfire, catching fish until the sun goes down and soaking up that fresh mountain air with your summer family. And now, it’s that time of year where you and your RV must hibernate through the harsh winter. It’s a sad day, but if you’re like me, you’ll have next summer’s camping trips planned before your current summer camping trips end. Where and how you store your RV when you’re not using is a crucial part of RV ownership. Before you rent a storage unit for the winter or park it in your backyard, there’s some steps you should take to make sure your RV is protected in storage. We’ve created this checklist to help make it easier for you to keep your RV safe throughout the winter months.

  • Wash and wax the exterior of your RV
  • Remove and wash sheets, blankets and towels
  • Clear out all food items including storage containers and cookware that may smell like food
  • Sweep and vacuum the whole interior (underneath couches, beds and inside cabinets)
  • Wipe down all appliances and surfaces (inside the fridge, microwave and stove top)
  • Turn off all lights and appliances
  • Close all windows and vents
  • Disconnect the electrical system
  • Remove batteries from flashlights and other gadgets to avoid battery acid corrosion
  • Protect your tires from cracking and rotting with some tire cradles or grass pavers
  • Jack the tires to avoid “flat-spotting”, or just move your RV one-half of a tire rotation each month
  • Cover your tires to protect them from the sun
  • Top off your RV’s motor oil
  • Buy an RV cover and make sure it’s secured properly
  • Remove propane tanks
  • Park on a level surface to help keep the weight of your RV evenly distributed
  • Flush your RV plumbing system with RV-safe antifreeze*
  • Remove your battery or install a trickle charger*
  • Top off your gas tank and add fuel stabilizer*
  • Seal any cracks or holes to prevent pests*
  • Take precautionary pest-control measures inside your RV*

* = Read more here for a step-by-step guide on how to winterize your RV’s water pipes and batteries

Once your RV is in storage for the winter, be sure to check on it every once in a while. Checking for signs of pests, cracks, leaking or water damage can save you time and money on repairs. When Springtime comes and you’re ready for your first RV trip of the year, read our post on de-winterizing your RV to help you safely move your rig from storage to campground.

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